Vanishing Kings II – Desert Lion Legacy

From the ancient Namib comes an incredible true-life drama, seen through the eyes of one desert lion. He and his brothers were destined to become kings, their every step followed by one man. While their mothers remained and raised precious new life, the five males became nomads in search of their own kingdom. They thrived as hunters, and became the youngest pride males ever seen in the desert, with the future looking so promising. Until lives were tormented, by risk and hardship. One male tells the intricate story of the most remarkable desert coalition that has ever existed…

Produced by

Into Nature Productions and Interspot Film for ORF, Arte and Smithsonian Channel in association with ORF Enterprise. © 2017

  • Produced & Directed by Will & Lianne Steenkamp
  • Narrated by Sudan Kush
  • Edit by Alan Miller
  • Original score by Roman Kariolou



  • New York Festivals: (2018): Gold Medal Winner
  • Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival (2018): Nominee Best Post Production

Sequence Filming

  • Mammals (2024) – BBC
  • Planet Earth III (2023) – BBC
  • Dynasties II (2022) – BBC
  • Eden: Untamed Planet (2021) – BBC
  • Perfect Planet (2020) – Silverback/BBC
  • Primates (2019) – BBC
  • Big Cats (2018) – BBC
  • Camp Zambia (2017) – Plimsoll Productions/Blue Ant
  • Planet Earth II (2016) – BBC
  • Africa’s Wild West (2014) – Interspot Film/ORF