Vanishing Kings I – Lions of the Namib

In a merciless, desolate furnace an unexpected predator survives. Equipped with exceptional survival skills, Desert lions roam the Namib. But with so few remaining adult males the small population is under threat. A brotherhood of five youngsters, known as the ‘Five Musketeers’ holds the key to the future of their kind. Faced with many challenges, the young males learn to conquer the ancient desert on their journey to adulthood.

Produced by

Into Nature Productions and Interspot Film for ORF, Arte and Smithsonian Channel in association with ORF Enterprise. © 2015

  • Produced & Directed by Will & Lianne Steenkamp
  • Narrated by Sudan Kush
  • Edit by Alan Miller
  • Original score by Roman Kariolou



  • International Big Cats Festival Jackson Wild & CITES (2016): Winner Best Science and Behaviour Film
  • Emmy Awards – News & Documentary (2016): Emmy Nominee
  • Wildscreen Panda Awards (2016): Best Cinematography Nominee
  • Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival (2016): Best Camera winner and Best Story nominee
  • US International Film and Video Festival (2016): Best of Festival, Gold Camera & Best Music
  • New York Film Festival (2016): World Gold Medals for Best Environment & Ecology Film and Best Nature & Wildlife Film
  • Jackson Wild (2016): Best Wildlife Habitat Film Nominee
  • CANNE Corporate Media & TV Awards (2016): Silver Winner for Best Nature, Environment & Ecology Film
  • Deauville Wildlife Film Festival (2016): Best Preservation & Biodiversity Film Finalist

Sequence Filming

  • Eden: Untamed Planet (2021) – BBC
  • Perfect Planet (2020) – Silverback/BBC
  • Primates (2019) – BBC
  • Big Cats (2018) – BBC
  • Camp Zambia (2017) – Plimsoll Productions/Blue Ant
  • Planet Earth II (2016) – BBC
  • Africa’s Wild West (2014) – Interspot Film/ORF